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  • Thu, 01 Apr
    Comfy Cafe or Restaurant (令你能舒適傾談的咖啡店或餐店)
    希望同你一齊傾談發掘迎接 2021。 Deep TALK → to talk, to share, to feel, to release, to explore ... from your unique stories & experiences. 深入傾談 → 來傾談、分享、感受、釋放 ... 從你的獨特故事和經歷中加以發掘。 在自己的故事裏尋回「獨」、「特」、「優」。 收費:$200 FREE for students who have no family living allowance.


phoTALKgraphy is a certified society registered in Hong Kong. By applying Narrative Practice and Contemplative Photography as our service approach, we hope to meet with those who aspire for a better life. We reflect on your situations and explore for possible futures. We talk with photos, and let photos talk, using digital photos to record your feelings and insights.

phoTALKgraphy 服務理念建基於敘事實踐 (Narrative Practice) 和沉思攝影 (Contemplative Photography),理論所強調的:不批判、除標籤、去專家化、強化個人獨特性、強化個人信念和能力等,堅守抱持這些概念為服務原則,讓你清晰檢視自己生命的意義、生活動力和未來方向。

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