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phoTALKgraphy 是一個香港認可註冊團體。我們期盼與您透過短聚訪談,讓您盡情的說自己的故事,又或解困或得到心態抒緩,對人、對事、或自己有更理想的發現,帶給您一種 「從新」 的體驗!




phoTALKgraphy is a certified society registered in Hong Kong. We hope to meet with those who aspire for a better life. We reflect on your situations, and explore possible futures. We talk with photos, and let photos talk, using digital photos to record your feelings and insights.

*Personal data and conversation contents are kept strictly confidential.
*We encourage our participants to share and license their selected works using Creative Commons.

Founder 創辦人

M.A. in Guidance and Counseling. Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 



A.A.S. in Professional Photography Technology. Hennepin Technical College, USA.



B.A. in Leisure, Youth, and Human Services. University of Northern Iowa, USA. 


Registered Social Worker (RSW) 


Member of Minnesota Professional Photographers Association. USA.


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