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忙裏偷閒確係一個重要嘅回氣機會,phoTALKgraphy 可以讓你地喺回氣之餘同時為自己增值

phoTALKgraphy is a certified society registered in Hong Kong. We hope to meet with those who aspire for a better life. We reflect on your situations, and explore possible futures. We talk with photos, and let photos talk, using digital photos to record your feelings and insights.

*Personal data and conversation contents are kept strictly confidential.
*We encourage our participants to share and license their selected works using Creative Commons.

phoTALKgraphy® 不單留意攝影部分,更提供一個平台俾大家抒氣,我地會揀選舒適嘅 cafe,俾你輕鬆無拘束暢快地講自己嘅故事。總之我細心地聽,你舒服地講自己想講嘅嘢,當中讓你有時間去為自己思考同發現,對自己嘅能力、優勢、價值同個人信念更了解,對事件更清晰,對面對未來嘅方向更有活力 (vivid)前行,為自己尋找更適合自己嘅路向和正面地繼續部署 (engage)未來。

phoTALKgraphy 服務理念建基於敘事實踐 (Narrative Practice),理論所強調的:不批判、除標籤、去專家化、強化個人獨特性、強化個人信念和能力等,堅守抱持哩啲概念同埋原則去進行服務,讓分享經歷嘅你能為自己清晰檢視自己生命嘅意義同埋生活動力、未來方向。

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